Mr. Hospitality Family

Please also visit our sister venues EL TUCÁN (Brickell, located next door) and our flagship location BÂOLI Miami (South Beach). Learn more below.

El Tucán

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and be transported to the bygone era of glitz and glamour that will come to life at El Tucán, a new modern-day cabaret that reinvigorates the lavish dinner and show concepts of 1940’s Havana, Cuba. Located in Brickell, next door to Marion Miami, the venue features an 11-piece orchestra lead by Grammy award-winning Marlow Rosado, local to international variety acts and DJ’s.


Bâoli Miami

Situated on one of Miami’s most iconic streets, Collins Avenue, the restaurant, lounge and club tempts and teases at any hour. Dinner patrons will take their palates on a culinary expedition, exploring unique Asian flavors and when night falls, the inviting restaurant revamps into a playground for the nocturnal.